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private prisons

Donald Trump is a foe of prison reform. It’s not surprising. The president’s track record for keeping promises on critical social issues regularly washes away those promises like footprints on the seashore. Consider the foul record on his key campaign speeches—affordable healthcare for all, tax reform for the middle class, and economic recovery (jobs, jobs, jobs)—as examples of Trump’s governance misfeasance.… Read the rest

Held Captive for ProfitOur dysfunctional justice system and greed provide a foundation for for-profit prisons. What are for-profit prisons? Also called private prisons, they are places where inmates are physically confined—incarcerated—by private companies that contract with states or the federal government to alleviate overcrowding in their respective prison systems. These private companies fill a need created by cruel conviction and sentencing practices, high rates of recidivism, illegal immigration allegations, and the continuing war on drugs.… Read the rest

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