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Welcome to the Break Out Blog. The purpose of this blog is to start a conversation about contemporary prison-reform issues. My personal points of view are a result of my firsthand knowledge of the California penal system, gained before, during, and after my two-year prison term. My twenty-one years’ experience as a trial attorney also influenced my decision to speak out on the need for legal and humanistic prison reform in the United States.

I will cover a wide variety of topics, including inmates with mental illnesses, the importance of visitation, the private prison industry, and prison atrocities.

My hope is that readers will think about the subject matter and express their reactions from their own points of view. Conversations such as these can crescendo throughout the justice system, leading to reform.

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  • You are so right about the need for reform. From our experience in the California Penal System we saw first hand the abuses of power. One of the key issues is the need for oversite of the Mental Health care system and how they treat inmates with mental health issues. It’s a sad state when the greatest country in the world who expound humanitarian treatment in third world countries can’t even get it right here. So much for Government.

  • This issue is in true need of a divine intervention. It is happening theough the many prosion ministries that reach out to this most vulnernable population.
    We serve the one who has overcome the world and is larger and stonger than all of the darkness found in mental illness , especially for prisoners with mental illness.
    This is where everlasting Hope for the hopeless can be found.
    Mark and advocates you are doing God’s work where you realize it or not. More importantly He knows it .
    Connect with the prison ministry folks – there is strength in numbers.
    God and us make a majority and we will have victory over the darkness of prisoners with mental illness !!!!

    • Bob,

      Thank you for your important comment. You raise important spiritual points that are important to men and women who desperately need every means possible to overcome the harsh realities of prison life – especially those who have mental illness problems.

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