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As I write this post, a seventeen-day prison strike is going on in this country. The coordinated actions started on August 21, 2018, and will end on September 9, 2018. The strike brings to the forefront prison reform issues that I, and countless other supporters of change, have been bringing to the attention of the general public and public servants about the pernicious grind of mass incarceration.… Read the rest

This is my fiftieth prison reform post. When I first posted last July, I knew I had embarked on a formidable journey into a personal and passionate undertaking. I knew the scope of prison reform issues transcended, intersected, and permeated nearly every aspect of life. Through the writing of blog posts, I drew upon much that I had written about firsthand in my prison journals during lock downs and lock ups and while under the influence of relentlessly harsh environments.… Read the rest

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